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2023 Holidays

Securing your Home for the 2023 Holidays

Author - Dan Edison, date

During the festive season, it's crucial to prioritize the safety, security, and peace of mind of your home. In this article, our team of residential security experts at Max Key Locksmith will highlight some excellent strategies to keep your home secure during the December 2023 holidays.

Ensure All Entry Points are Secured When Away

Even though many people are staying in, it's vital to lock all entry points whenever you leave your home. Alarm systems are effective, but they can't compensate for an unlocked door or window. Avoid hiding spare keys under mats or in planters, as burglars are well aware of these spots. Remember to secure not just your front door, but also the back door and all windows that can be accessed.

Securing Your Garage

It's important to keep your garage locked, particularly if it includes a door to the house. For garages with doors, ensure they are fitted with strike plates and deadbolts. When parking in the driveway, avoid leaving your garage door opener in the car, or at least conceal it in the glove compartment.

Tips for Enhanced Holiday Security

Fit your front and back doors with robust, high-quality locks featuring high-security deadbolts. Add sturdy strike plates to your doors to reinforce even older, worn-out doors.

Always lock your garage door and any vehicles parked in your driveway. Make it a habit to lock all doors to your home whenever you leave and when you return.

Refrain from sharing trip photos or announcing travel plans on social media to avoid tipping off potential burglars. Always take your car keys with you when leaving your vehicle.