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Car Key Programming

Professional Automotive Locksmith

Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming in Houston

The majority of automotive manufacturers producing cars today integrate high security locking systems to prevent car break-ins and theft. These vehicle locks require computer programmed transponder keys.

Max Key Locksmith are specialists in automotive security and we have the latest equipment and qualified technicians to be able to cut and program transponder keys. As automotive security rapidly changes we continually keep up to date with advanced automotive locksmith techniques.

Cars made after 1996 have built in glass and carbon microchips that trigger onboard computers to allow the car to start. We use a diagnostic machine that plugs into the ECU of your car to retrieve and program the pin codes needed to create new transponder keys in Houston. If the key is coded incorrectly the car is immobilised; always go with a professional auto locksmith when getting car keys cut in Houston.

Car dealerships can charge high prices for replacement transponder keys. As an expert Max Key Locksmith can successfully cut and program 99% of vehicles at an affordable price.

Car Key ProgrammingCar Key ProgrammingCar Key Programming